How to Prevent the IoT Network Card of a Car GPS Tracker From Being Pulled Out

The GPS tracker equipped with modern cars is one of the most valuable innovations of this century. It helps to track the position of the car and ensure its safety. This technology has become an important tool for businesses to track their fleets, while individual car owners use it for personal reasons.

However, despite the many benefits of using GPS trackers, there are still some security issues that need to be addressed, especially regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) card being pulled out of these devices. This problem is becoming increasingly common, which is why it is necessary to understand its causes and how to effectively prevent them.

Firstly, why does someone need to unplug the IoT network card from the GPS tracker? The answer is simple, if GPS trackers can connect to the network or data connection, they can work well.

However, if they do not, they cannot provide valuable information. Therefore, unplugging the IoT card from the GPS tracker can be used to disconnect the car’s communication system, making it impossible to track.

To solve this problem, there are currently several solutions, some of which are cheap and some are relatively more expensive. No matter which solution you choose, each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some methods to help prevent the IoT card of the car GPS tracker from being unplugged.

1. Mask GPS tracker

One effective solution in protecting the security of GPS trackers is to hide them. Thieves often search for visible GPS trackers, making them easy targets for theft. Therefore, hiding the device under the car seat, trunk, or car itself can ensure that the tracker remains safe, while the IoT network card will not be able to enter.
To further enhance this method, the tracker was installed in several locations, making it difficult for thieves to find all. In addition, selecting a tracker with anti demolition function will trigger an alarm when forcibly attempting to remove it.

2. Interference detection

When it comes to GPS tracking, GPS interference is a common issue. Thieves can use radio jammers to cut off communication between GPS trackers and the network, making it impossible for them to track. In this case, having a GPS tracker designed with interference detection function is crucial.
Once the interference detector senses interference, it will trigger an alarm, reminding the car owner to take immediate action.

3. Use IoT locks and boxes

Another option to protect the IoT card in the car GPS tracker is to use an IoT lock and casing. The design of these locks is to protect the IoT network card from being removed without your consent, requiring a password or code to unlock, which only the owner knows. Although the IoT shell has added a layer of protection to the IoT network card, it is still necessary to ensure the strength of the lock and withstand attempts to forcibly remove it.

IoT locks and boxes are relatively cheap, and compared to other advanced methods, they are a budget friendly solution.

4. Hiring security personnel

Hiring security personnel to take care of a car when it is parked in a public place or when there is concern about its safety can be an effective solution. Security personnel will serve as a deterrent to anyone who intends to steal vehicles or tamper with IoT network cards.
However, this option may be relatively expensive, depending on different factors such as location, rental time, and the number of personnel required.

5. Professional installation

Having professional personnel install GPS trackers can ensure the correct and safe installation of the equipment. Professionals possess the skills and knowledge required to install GPS trackers, ensuring that IoT network cards are not accessible to unauthorized individuals.

In addition, professional installation personnel will provide suggestions on the optimal location for installing GPS trackers and provide additional security measures to make it difficult to unplug the IoT network card.

In short, GPS trackers have completely changed the way we track vehicles, but they also cannot avoid security threats. The IoT network card is easily unplugged, making it difficult for cars to be tracked, which is a serious safety issue. However, by following the above prompts, you can protect your car and yourself from potential safety threats.

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