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    Pre-sales: GPS Tracker product technology program development and determination

    Mid-sales: Logistics and transportation guidance, guidance GPS Tracker installation, product training

    After-sales: Product failure warranty service, customer care return visit service, remote telephone support, customer complaints handling

    After-sales service convention

    1、Polite reception of each customer, patiently listen to the user’s views to eliminate troubles.

    2、Service personnel should be unified work clothes, civilized construction when door-to-door service.

    3、It is strictly prohibited to ask for or accept any gift gratuity from customers.

    4、Door-to-door service should be careful not to damage the customer’s belongings, and check the trial after the service is completed.

    5、Adequate time for on-site maintenance, you can give customers secondary training to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

    6、After the service is finished, make a formal farewell with the customer and take down the customer’s contact information to maintain long-term contact with the customer.