Solar Fishing Boat Tracker YH403

Solar Powered Fishing Boat / Cargo GPS Tracker

Solar Fishing Boat Tracker YH403

Applicable scenes

Fishing vessels, logistics and freight, containers, towers, outdoor equipment

Product advantages

GPS+Beidou+LBS triple positioning
Support RTK/RTD
With monocrystalline silicon solar charging board, magnetic suction type auxiliary charging design
No need to charge, never lose power
IP68 shell waterproof, salt spray resistant
Multi-working modes such as motion mode, timing mode
Electronic fence alarm, illegal demolition alarm, vibration alarm, capsize alarm, etc.
Built-in acceleration sensor, anti-demolition magnet, SOS one-key alarm

Product features

Battery low battery alarm: automatic frequency reduction when the battery power is below 20%
Timing tracking: set the interval time to transmit back the positioning information, the remaining time to enter the hibernation state
Blind area supplemental transmission: when the terminal is in the blind area of 4G signal, automatic supplemental transmission of location data
Electronic fence: When the driving range exceeds the specified area, Sending alarm messages to the platform
Historical trajectory: can play back the trajectory of speed, direction, stay time and other actions within 365 days
Remote setting: online remote upgrade terminal firmware and remote setting terminal parameters

Specification parameters

Performance indicators

Standard: 4G Cat.1 (2G/NB/4G Cat.4)
Frequency band: LTE FDD : B1/B3/B5/B8 LTE-TDD:B34.B38.B39.B40.B41
Channel: TCP/IP,UDP/IP
Accuracy: <10m
Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm
Capture sensitivity: -148dBm
Hot start:≤2sec
Cold start: ≤32sec
Antenna: 25 x 25 x 4mm
Waterproof rating: IP68 deep waterproof
Solar panel: 166 x 82 x 2mm, monocrystalline silicon, 5.5 W
Positioning mode: GPS+BDS+LBS+AGPS

Physical characteristics

Size: 225 x 110 x 40mm
Weight: 700g
Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +75°C
Storage temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C

Electrical indicators

Charging voltage: 5V
Operating current: <70mA
Battery capacity: 20000mAh
Standby current: <5mA
Sleeping current: <40uA
Working time: 180 days

Installation Note

1、Product installation should face up to the sky.
2、If the windshield is pasted with metal insulation or heating layer, it will reduce the satellite signal strength reception and may cause difficulty in satellite positioning, please change the terminal installation location.
3、Metal iron sheet will block the satellite signal, installation location avoid closed metal environment.