Multi-interface GPS Tracking Terminal TMH820

Multi-interface tracking device, with two RS232, one RS485, two ADC, external camera, sensor, fuel consumption sensor, tire pressure box, etc.

GPS Tracker TMH820

Applicable scenarios

High precision for government and enterprises, three-wheeled electric vehicles, cabs, logistics and freight transport

Product advantages

Real-time positioning, dual-frequency positioning, RTK auxiliary
Forward and reverse proximity switch, U disk automatic extraction of driving records
Over-speed horn alarm, antenna open-circuit or short-circuit alarm
Full SMD automatic process design
Built-in over-speed buzzer alarm and vehicle speed limiter
Super storage can record various driving speed
Optional dual-way CAN BUS

Product Features

Low voltage alarm: alarm is triggered when the main voltage of the device is lower than the set voltage value
Oil level detection: support ultrasonic or rod type oil level sensor
Temperature detection: support multi-channel temperature or temperature plus humidity detection
Automatic photo-taking: support 4-way camera to accurately locate the shooting location
Tire pressure detection: tire pressure abnormality alert to enhance driving safety
External antenna: the antenna can be installed outside the vehicle to improve positioning accuracy and open circuit detection


Performance index

Standard: 4G Cat.1 (2G/NB/4G Cat.4)
B3.B5.B8 LTE-TDD:B34.B38.B39.B40.B41 GSM:900.1800MHz
Accuracy:<10m Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm Capture sensitivity: -148dBm Hot start:≤2sec Cold start: ≤32sec Antenna: 25 x 25 x 4mm Positioning mode: GPS+BDS+LBS+AGPS Physical characteristics Size: 88 x 89 x 21mm Weight: 108g Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C Working humidity: 5 ~ 95%RH Electrical indicators Indicator:POWER,GPS,GSM Battery capacity: 300mAh Working voltage: 3.7V Rated voltage: 9 ~ 36V Serial port: RS-232*2,485 Function Interface: ADC*2, In_put*3,Out_put,CAN,TTS [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full][/av_section]