GPS Tracker TMH820

Built in display screen, printer, and IC card reader. Can be connected to external cameras, temperature sensors, fuel sensors, Hall sensors, tire pressure boxes, etc

Standard Tracker TMH800

Applicable scenarios
Bus, taxi, truck, logistics and freight
Product advantages
IC card registration, USB flash drive automatically extracts driving records
Built-in car driving recorder for collecting analog signals and uploading
Antenna open circuit or short circuit alarm, supporting text to voice broadcasting
Emergency call for help, monitoring driving behavior
Remote control of vehicle oil circuits to restrict vehicle start
Collect 4 serial ports to take photos and detect door switch status
Built in driving record printer for printing driving records at any time
Scalable Video Module
Product Features
Overspeed alarm: Audible alarm to remind the driver when exceeding the speed limit
Oil level detection: supports ultrasonic or rod type oil level sensors
Temperature detection: supports multi-channel temperature or temperature plus humidity detection
Automatic photography: supports 4 cameras to accurately locate the shooting location
Tire pressure detection: abnormal tire pressure improves driving safety
External antenna: The antenna can be installed outside the vehicle to improve positioning accuracy and open circuit detection
Specification parameters
performance index
Format: 4G Cat. 1 (2G/NB/4G Cat. 4)
Frequency band: LTE-FDD: B1.B3.B5.B8 LTE-TDD: B34. B38. B39. B40. B41 GSM: 9001800MHz
Channel: TCP/IP, UDP/IP
Tracking sensitivity: -165dBm
Capture sensitivity: -148dBm
Hot start: ≤ 2sec
Cold start: ≤ 32sec
Antenna: 25 x 25 x 4mm
Positioning method: GPS+BD+LBS+AGNSS
Printer: 58mm POS thermal printer
physical characteristics
Size: 192 x 58 x 99mm
Weight: 645g
Working temperature: -20 ° C~+70 ° C
Working humidity: 5~95% RH
Electrical indicators
Display screen: LCD Screen
Card reader: lC Card (85.5 x 54mm)
Battery capacity: 800mAh/3.7V
Rated voltage: 9~36V
Serial port: RS-232 * 2. RS-485. CAN
Functional interfaces: Speaker, ADC, In put * 8, Out put, DB9, USB